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Tom Vardy Development.

Tom Vardy Curriculum Vitae

About Me

Hi I'm Tom Vardy, welcome to my development site based in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

Since starting website development in April 2011, I have been involved in various projects. The main project has been, a Not-For-Profit online solution for voluntary sector groups, and its umbrella organisations across the UK. The aim is to Promote Events, Volunteering Opportunities, Collaboration, Communication, and to install a system which encourages groups to keep up to date with the imperative administration tasks required from all Third Sector Organisations, whilst providing them with subjective Real-Time information.

During the 2 years developing this project, funding has been obtained through investment from Local Business's and interested individuals, along with myself providing over 20 online solutions for a variety of customers, from individuals to successful local businesses.

Each website has provided me with different challenges to overcome. Combining this with my thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm to always complete the task at hand has allowed me to continuously increase efficiency of current skills and develop new ones along the way.


This site is not only to attract new customers but to showcase my skills to potential employers, primarily you will find in-depth reports of each of my projects, displaying a transparency that you may not find on other sites. These reports have allowed me to develop as a business man, learn from potential problems and mistakes and to conduct my work in a professional manner.