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Tom Vardy Curriculum Vitae

My Projects

Below you can see the projects that I have been involved in over the past few years. Please be aware prices given are the value of the projects and maybe similar to but are not exactly equal to the final cost to the customer. There are many aspects of development that can affect a projects completion date and cost. The value represents the basic cost of the project and its' features. You will also find a description of each project along with a review and testimony if available. You may view the website in full by clicking the relevant image.

Gem Equine

Commitment: ongoing
Value: £2,500
Key Features

A Simple Design suitable for a Professional & Mobile Equine Veterinarian developed over a few years this website as gone from strength to strength.

Updateable Dynamic Content

Administration Area

Mobile Friendly

Great to work on a project with all necessary input already given, was easy to communicate with client, and continue updating the website since 2014.

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