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I am always happy to discuss potential projects with new and current customers. At this stage we can discuss the requirements of the online solution, including timescales and budget, and discuss the best ways of moving forward. This service will be offered free and can be conducted face-to-face, via email or even over the phone. During a consultation you will be asked a variety of questions which will either result in you receiving a formal quotation from myself, including the fully itemised cost of your project, timescales and customer requirements, or a list of local companies that can undertake your project and satisfy your specific requirements.


Before you seek out a consultancy it is a good idea to use my Online Quotation Tool. This will provide you with basic estimate of costs for your website.

Online Quote

If a consultation results in Tom Vardy Development (Trading As Inherit Web Solutions) undertaking your project, both myself and the customer will be bound by industry standard Terms & Conditions.



Designing your website, can be a difficult thing to do. The style of your website should be targeted towards your demographic, subject matter and viewer incentive. Your design should be recognisable yet progressive. Inherit Web Solutions will ensure that your product is user-friendly across all viewing platforms.

From logos to layout we can add visual integrity to your online solutions increasing user interaction and customer retention.



All well designed user friendly websites, should come with an easy to use Content Management System(CMS). At Inherit Web Solutions, we pride ourselves in the bespoke solutions that we create for specific areas of industry, individuals and corporations. We take this into account the moment you become a potential customer. Our aim is to provide a complete packages which is easy to use, maintain and update at the customers discretion.

If your product is developed correctly it should allow for Inherit Web Solutions to keep it up-to-date with the ever evolving nature of the internet, and allow you to seamlessly update the content with no inconvenience to either party.



An application is a computer program written to perform a certain task. The addition of applications to your website can hugely increase customer interaction and help you to achieve your goals. A perfect example of this is the Quotation Tool, developed to answer one of the most common questions asked in business... How much will it cost?


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO should be considered from day one of any project. From choosing the name of your URL to choosing the words you use in your content, each website we build is readily geared towards creating great keyword optimisation and copy. With a solid basic Search Engine friendly structure, your sites and pages can gain great coverage through the most commonly used search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and Aol.

However, more and more traffic is being generated by Social Media, and self-perpetuating outlets.


Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr, Stumble-Upon, Reddit, Pintrest, Google... and the list continues, are incredible ways for customers to share and for you to promote your business or website.

Our development strategy encompasses the creation of visually pleasing cards, links and snippets, along with easy sharing options that stimulate recommendations and increased visibility through social outlets.



Keeping on top of things is important. Using Analytical tools, to study your traffic and conversion rates is highly recommendable.

If the findings are undesirable, it is important to get it sorted! And we can Help you!